Onsen Soap

Akagawa Meito Onsen Sekken (Akagawa’s Famous Onsen Soap) is a soap born from spring water that transforms the power of Akagawa Onsen’s wellspring and delivers it to you. Containing 20% Akagawa Onsen concentrate (ingredients that keep skin healthy) in a unique balance, this soap boosts the skin’s natural functions, producing beautiful skin filled with moisture.

A Simple Shape for a Handmade Soap

The main ingredient of Akagawa Meito Onsen Sekken is concentrated Akagawa Onsen spring water. This concentrate is blended with a palm-oil soap base and then kneaded by hand until the soap base blends into the skin; finally, the soap is dried naturally. Since it is handmade, the finished soap bar is a simple shape, but it is our desire to deliver products that are truly of good quality and kind to both people and the environment. Of course, the soaps include absolutely no artificial fragrances, colorings, preservatives, or foaming agents. The gentle feel of the soap on your skin, and the warmth and refreshing feeling you have after use, are sure to make you feel as if you were relaxing in an onsen bath.

Mineral Ingredients Remove Body Wastes

Akagawa Onsen concentrate—the main ingredient of Akagawa Meito Onsen Sekken—is rich in minerals that act to draw away grime and old keratin. Because the concentrate is also rich in sulfate ions, the soap removes old keratin and oxidized skin, which cause dullness, leaving the skin moist. This is why people with sensitive or dry skin, such as those who suffer from atopic dermatitis or rough skin, feel that their skin becomes moist and transparent over time as they use the soap.

Foam Slowly and Carefully, Enveloping Your Skin

A special characteristic of Akagawa Onsen spring water is that it expels chlorine chemical substances from the body. Of the artificial chemical substances brought into the body through food and the living environment, chlorine chemical substances, in particular, easily dissolve in oil. They therefore dissolve and build up in body fat, making their presence known with the appearance of atopic dermatitis and other symptoms. However, Akagawa Onsen spring water has the effect of emulsifying and removing fats from the body.

For Normal Skin (fragrance-free, color-free)

40 g / 1340 yen (tax included)

 90 g / 2680 yen (tax included)

Ingredients: soap base, spring water, natural honey, natural salt, chamomile extract


For Dry Skin (fragrance-free, color-free)

40g / 1340 yen (tax included)

90g / 2680 yen (tax included)

Ingredients: soap base, spring water, paprika juice, natural honey, natural salt, chamomile extract